Intrepid originator. Vivacious traveler. Hot pilgrim.

Kyle Whelliston was all of these things and so much more. Over the course of thirty-one years, he wrote 2,346 articles and essays for various online and print publications, as well as some books. As per his last will and testament, all 2,883,638 of his life's words have been collected here, in one place, for eternal posterity. Keep his flame alive. This is the Whelliston Memorial Library.

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BracketBusters 2007 in Review
INDIANAPOLIS — The largest BracketBusters weekend in the event’s five-year history is now in the books, and we’re all a little more knowledgeable about the mid-majorsphere than we were on Friday morning.

Mid-Majority Scrapbook, Vol. 2
When Morihei Ueshiba, a/k/a O Sensei, developed the martial art of aikido to neutralize and eliminate great size advantages. Using throws and locks and flowing movement, a little guy can use the energy of a larger opponent against himself and emerge victorious from a battle.

Game! Of! The! Night! 1/21/2009 - Bradley at Northern Iowa
A lot of people don't like when things don't go according to prognostication -- folks can get downright prickly in some instances. Here's some stuff that has defied simple prediction: gas prices, the career arc of Lifehouse, and the 2008-09 Missouri Valley men's basketball season.

Tourney Central 3-9-2008 (Day 6)
Big semifinal day today. Final fours will be contested in the CAA, America East, Metro Atlantic, WCC, NEC and Patriot League and SoCon today. The quarterfinal round continues in the Badlands Conference (a/k/a Summit), and begins in the Sun Belt.

13. Dover - Under Your Spell (2010)
Armed with a crate of Seattle grunge records and a dream, the band Dover formed in the mid-1990s in Madrid. They were so enamoured by American experimentation with the precarious balance of noise and melody that they named their first album Sister, after Sonic Youth’s noise-rock masterpiece. They ended up hummable enough to top the Spanish charts.