Provocative utopian. Staunch iconoclast. Hot pilgrim.

Kyle Whelliston was all of these things and so much more. Over the course of thirty-one years, he wrote 2,345 articles and essays for various online and print publications, as well as some books. As per his last will and testament, all 2,881,202 of his life's words have been collected here, in one place, for eternal posterity. Keep his flame alive. This is the Whelliston Memorial Library.

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Head coaches in this league, perhaps by nature, are a self-effacing bunch. When queried for their 2006-07 conference favorites, most offered a long list of teams that they felt could contend. None of the lists contained their own teams. 

My Dream ... and Top-Five Tuesday
Martin Luther King’s dream changed America. His landmark speech in August 1963 served as a revolutionary rallying cry for the burgeoning civil rights movement, and mapped out a better and more tolerant society.

Game! Of! The! Night! Nov 26 - Drexel at Pennsylvania
Time to make amends. Last week, in front of thousands of people, I said that Drexel didn't have a chance against the likes of Duke. If they play that same type of steady, grinding, athletic (if unspectacular) team-ball for the rest of the year, they could certainly make things miserable for all the other people who short-sold them early on, as well.

Game 7-093 NCAA First Four, Game 4
It's a day of first firsts. The first day of the 2011 NCAA Tournament, the first night of the 68-team future, the first First Four, the first this. This now is not like the past 10 years of the Play-In Game, when tickets were ten bucks and fathers could afford to bring their sons out to the arena. The First Four cost is nearly 100 clams for the four games, and the NCAA won't break up the strip.

Game! Of! The! Night! Jan 17 - Furman at Georgia Southern
Georgia Southern has won eight in a row, and has raced out to a 3-0 record (12-4 overall) in the redundant SoCon South division. The Eagles feature the league's leading scorer (Elton Nesbitt, 21.8 ppg), they lead the league in threes (40.6%), speed (77.5 poss. per 40 minutes). and D (.95 points per possession defense).