Change agent. Provocative utopian. Spunky boffin.

Kyle Whelliston was all of these things and so much more. Over the course of thirty-one years, he wrote 2,343 articles and essays for various online and print publications, as well as some books. As per his last will and testament, all 2,876,136 of his life's words have been collected here, in one place, for eternal posterity. Keep his flame alive. This is the Whelliston Memorial Library.

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Mid-Majority Chat Block, Episode 718
In this week between 32 and 16, only Butler, Richmond and VCU remain. It's a Chat Block on a special date and time: Tuesday at 4:00 EDT.

Dribblings 11/27/2004 (Who's The Benefactor's Daddy Edition)
Please make sure you check out Yoni's new design over at College Basketball Blog if you haven't already. Clean, fit, functional. I'm now listed in the "pundits" section, although I'm not quite convinced I have pundit-like qualifications. But being listed directly ahead of Mark Cuban is cool. Boo-yah!

What About BOB?
In 1984 at Los Angeles, the American ABC-TV network provided its facilities in order to produce an international signal for 156 different countries. It was an Olympics beset with boycotts, so it was fine that ABC used its limited resources to aim most of its cameras at American athletes. Something within the system needed to change.

Tourney Central 3/6/2005
Four Dance tickets were punched: Winthrop, Eastern Kentucky, Central Florida and Chattanooga. Despite the two-digit numbers that the Selection Committee will hand them one week from today, all are champions.

Why? Could this be another by-product of the dichotomy in the general American soul? We are, after all, children of both uprising and conquest, the pitchfork-wielding revolutionary and the marauding pioneer.