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Kyle Whelliston was all of these things and so much more. Over the course of thirty-one years, he wrote 2,346 articles and essays for various online and print publications, as well as some books. As per his last will and testament, all 2,883,638 of his life's words have been collected here, in one place, for eternal posterity. Keep his flame alive. This is the Whelliston Memorial Library.

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Dribblings 12/16/2004 (Campfire Edition)
Lander 67, Charleston Southern 59 (story) - To get beat by a Division II team, you usually have to go to Alaska or Hawaii. But this game marked just the third time this season that a true D2 has beaten a D1 - and the first time it's happened at the big school's house. And what lore it is. Gimme a straight G, boys.

Game! Of! The! Night! 2/11/2009 - Long Beach State at California-Riverside
Don't worry, we'll be doing plenty of breakdown of Dayton-Xavier tomorrow (or you can get a very fine BBSU-aided preview here). But one league we haven't talked about too much this season is the Big West, a conference we'll be paying a visit to next week during our annual California swing. 14 (WAC-departed Utah State's No. 15 in 2003), it's a little small this time around.

Championship Weekend preview
Big South (VMI at Winthrop, ESPN, 2 ET) Virginia Military Institute spent all season as an freakish novelty act, leading the country in points per contest (102.7 a game, 15 points higher than No. 2 North Carolina) and featuring the nation's leading scorer (Reggie Williams, 28.6 ppg). The Keydets' goals were simple: 100 shot attempts per game, 50 3-pointers and 30 forced turnovers.

MMBOD Dec 14 - Jack Leasure - Coastal Carolina
Next up for the Chants is CAA surprise UNC-Wilmington, a team they lost to last year by only three. A win here, and Buzzball might go to the nex' level: Big Aquamarine Chicken Fever.

Game! Of! The! Night! 11/21/2007 - North Texas at Texas-Arlington
Are you ready? Are you ready to Take It To The Stage? No, not that Stage.. this one. Two 3-0 teams will go at it tonight in Arlington, ranked 28th (UNT) and 39th (UTA) in the early version of the RPI. Despite all that, they'll try their hardest not to fall into the audience.